GUI management


Building Blocks allows you to create and manage
your own large scale no-code/low-code UI systems.
Open Source and batteries included.

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Great for developers and agencies looking for fast, stable full-stack development


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Even better as an enterprise-wide front-end management solution


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It's not a framework, it's not a library and it's not a product.

It is an open ecosystem with 3 parts:

A manifest + protocol

Create a repository describing what and how you want your UI

An engine

Real-time convert your protocol to working software on a platform of your choice

Tools and Support

From free tools to high-end commercial SLA's

Drag-drop your own business software together in minutes
Maintain and evolve it over the decades.


You want fancy technical lingo to convince your boss, clients or IT-manager that you know what you’re doing?

BB is a free and open source 3-part engineering system to manage large amounts of GUI’s by allowing you to create or share components called ‘blocks’ and reuse them in many different code-free configurations. To prove the system works, there is a free reference implementation available based on mobile-first HTML5 with web-components and micro-services that you can use. Feel free to bend it into your own implementation or use your own technology if you want. There are many benefits to this approach, but they all boil down to the manageability of complex systems. The ultimate control over quality, change, security, standards, usability, branding, user feedback, knowledge and much more. The high speed of development and low cost of maintenance are just a nice bonus.

Just cutting and pasting the last bits together

v3.0 coming soon!

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